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R & D and Design

The development of knowledge and methods that guide innovations in our company is the result of R & D studies.

Superior Quality

We provide high quality service according to our customers’s requests.


We owe our sustainable quality to ecological thinking and environmental friendliness.


Arteks Textile

“Designed With Art Prints…”

Meftun Topaç, who entered the printing sector in 1988, unified the trust and experience he gained in the sector in 2004 and laid the foundation of Arteks Textile. Design, product quality, price policy and production speed, is our only goal is to satisfy our customers. We have an area of ​​4700 m2 and we serve in 9 different fields of activity. We worked hard in 15 years and become one of the most important business partners of today’s world brands. In this way, our rise and leadership in the sector continues every day.


Arteks Textile Printing Established

Under the leadership of our founder Meftun Topaç, Arteks Textile Printing was put into operation.


Machine Area Was Expanded

The field of activity has been expanded with different types of machines added.


First Emboss & Gofre Production in Turkey

Emboss & Gofre print was made in Turkey for the first time on machines that print the relief effect.


First DewDrop Production in Turkey

DewDrop print was made in Turkey for the first time.


INDITEX Approval Received

We have received the approval of Inditex, an international fashion community.


OEKO TEX Appendix 4 Certificate

We have received the Appendix 4 Approval Certificate with unique and independent audit worldwide.


OEKO TEX Appendix 6 Certificate

We have received the Appendix 6 Approval Certificate with unique and independent audit worldwide.

We Are Always First

In our sector, we are proud of being the first in many fields since the first day we serve. At the end of 2018, we continue our efforts to carry this pride right. We have signed up for ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Wastes) within the framework of the Chemical Management System Consultancy where we have made the application and started the process. In these studies that we carry out on the basis of sustainability, we support the establishment and implementation of the Chemical Management System prohibiting the purchase and / or use of all chemicals listed in the MRSL (Manufactured Restricted List) as a result of the Zero Emission policy of the Harmful Chemicals.
In addition to these we have the Widest Foil Trails in Turkey.

Brands We Serve

We Work For Your Success

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